martes, 25 de octubre de 2016


Ok in this post i don't write about my "favorite" holidays, because i have a special place in my heart to the all travels and vacations.

So i dicided to tell you about my last vacactions in Costa Rica, a beautiful country located to Central America.

I visit Costa Rica for two weeks in April 2016, with my girls scouts friends. i was maily in the capital of the country, San José. In this city i stayed in a backpakers hostel, but only in the nights, because i walking for the city and visit the beach all day.

When i stay in Costa Rica i visit differents nationals parks, i see many differents animal, for example monkeys, raccoon, iguana, snakes and many types of birds, the most beautifull its a red guacamayo. I
feel like a dream with all this animals around me.

I visit many beach, but the most fantastic its Manuel Antonio, localed in the Pacific Ocean, have clear waters, differents types of plants and animals and a beautifull view.

I recommend that you visit Costa Rica, is a wonderfull country with many and differents place to visit, yo will not regret.

So thats is all for this post, bye bye!

martes, 18 de octubre de 2016


México... ÓRALE!

I have a dream... met México! Yes, if I could choose a country to visit I select México, because I considere that has many place to visit, for example the Maya ruins and the tropical beach. 
I don't know much about México and her culture buy I tell you a little secret... The food is the other reason, you listen about the Méxican foods? Tacos, burritos, tequila OH MY GOD i need eat all this things some day.

I would like to work in México, especially in the Televisa channel, and live in the México DF or Guadalajara (the land of tequila ORALE!) but I don't know, i love live in Chile, so I think i prefer working in this country. 

So, someday i visit this beautifull country and discover the all misterys of México and her differents cultures, explorer the many ruins and obviously eat tacos and drink tequila all day!! 

Well that is all for this post, see you latter