lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2016

After university... Multimedia!

When I finish the university I would like to do some postgraduate course In the last year I have
been very attracted to Issues related to multimedia journalism Issues related to multimedia 
journalism So I would like to do a course on that subject.

 I considerer to take a course outside of Chile I can already learn a new language or learn English
 well. If I could choose a country I think I would choose Australia or France  I feel that they are
 interesting cultures and I would very much like to spend some time there.

I think to take a multimedia journalism course Because I feel it is the journalism of the future.
Journalists today must adapt to multiple platforms And for that you need to have the right tools to
do a good job.

I would like it to be a face-to-face course since I feel that way you learn more, Also you can share
 experiences with other people.

I think that every day I become more convinced about this idea of ​​university graduate. I hope to
have the resources to be able to do one at least here in Chile.

It would be ideal to combine my studies with my future workSince this way would be making 
money and at the same time acquiring more knowledge on the journalism, I hope to fulfill my goal.

So that is all for this post!! cheers!

lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2016

Journalism... The right decision

Hi everybody!! well today the topic of this post is... JOB!! That's a little tricky topic because i have 22 years old  and I only have one year left to finish the university so I have more or less clear what I would like to do.

When I went to study journalism I did it because I did not want to be locked up all the time in an office, a journalist should go out to investigate and interview, so I would have to spend a lot of time in the street or outside. I imagine some day making travel documentaries in the
jungle with many wild animals around me. Work for example on a channel like Animal Planet or Discovery Channel, and so could travel different places in the world.

In Chile i world like to a cultural channel, for example i'm considering to work in Canal 13 Cable, Would be a good plan.

I would like to study photography And so take pictures of places and animals, will be great!!

I do not expect to make much money with journalism, but I hope I have enough to travel around the world. I think the best benefit would be not being locked up all day in a office... And obviously have a fellow cameraman who captures my adventures hehehe.

I'm happy to be studying journalism, I know I made the right decision for my life :)

Well that is all for this post... read you later!

lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2016

Wild post

Hi everyone, today I’m talking about to a lovely theme… ANIMALS! Yes, they guessed, i love animals and consider i am a ANIMAL LOVER, beacause i like many animals, except spider, I HATE SPIDERS!! and kill them all jejeje. 

I was writing about animals  and how much I like them. In this moment of my life 
I have two dog, Melchor and Maya,  they are Dachshund “salchichas” and I consider 
them the most important in  my life. Melchor have 9 years olds and Maya have 4 years olds.
I sleep with them, talking, we walk, etc, They are part of my family
But in my life I see many animals, when I stay in Costa Rica i met the raccoons they 
are very cute, but they like to steal things they wanted to steal my phone!! But they
were still adorable
In Costa Rica does not have zoo, and I thinks this is so great because the animals 
need to live in freedom, but I don’t hate de zoo. This country have national parks
Where animals can live freely And at the same time people can interact with them.
When I visit the national park Manuel Antonio I see many animals, for example monkeys, 
raccoons, iguanas and  sloth, and I take many And take many photos Of them in freedom.
Well that is all for today, read you  later

P.D: This is my raccoon selfie!!

lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2016

The bookworm girl

When I was a little girl I read only the books for the language class of the school, but I enjoy reads this books, I didn’t feel like a obligation. I remember the first book I read for the school it was “Ana quiere ser Famosa” this history it’s about a girl, Ana, she was to famous, but she did not know why, the people ask her “¿Famous doctor? ¿Famous singer?” and she said “no, only famous”.

So I have since read many books in my life, I don’t remember how many, but they are many. In the school I started reading at age 7, and I read one book every month in all the school (11 years!!) and in the summer I read two or three book, so I think I read many books in my life.

I do not have a favorite author, but I really like a Chilean author Camila Gutierrez, she wrote two books “Joven y alocada” and “No te ama” both book They talk about their experiences in love and their life, is a very good author and the history is perfect for the sunset of summer or read in holydays.

But when you ask who is my favorite character from literature I think in only one name… Sherlock Holmes. When I read for the first time “The Hound of the Baskervilles” I knew I had found my literary love.  I don’t have explain, but Holmes it’s brillian and I love and I love the way that solves the mysteries, and the Doctor Watson It is as bright as him.

You will note I love to read, and I read different books, so yesterday I visit the Book Fair of Santiago and I and buy the first book of the saga of Harry Potter “Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone” and I cant stop to reading!! i took 150 page of 280 hahaha! In this book Harry discovers he's a wizard and will for the first time Hogwarts. If you saw the movie I recommend you read the book You know many details about the Harry Potter worlds.

So that is all for today my friends, read you latter!