viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2016

About the studies...

Hello friends! Today I have to write about my studies, Good as you will know or will not know I study journalism And I believe that at the Universidad de Chile There are many changes to be made regarding the subjects studied In the first place I think it is fundamental for 21st century journalism that journalists have basic learning about design This I find something basic since now in many works you are asked not only to write but also to design images or banners and it is horrible not to have the knowledge about that

Another thing that would do is to modify the kind of television, being that they do not teach you enough, should teach us how to make a newscast or live dispatches

Courses such as investigative journalism should be done in the 2nd or 3rd year of university, since in 4th year one has very important and time-consuming branches such as the research seminar, so one is a little collapsed in Academic terms

Also it would dedicate more time to the field of photography or also the university could offer a specialization or optional course to continue learning more technique.

But I can not complain too much, in general I have enjoyed studying journalism in this university, but I think the most negative point is the issue of compulsory attendance Since many times one must go to report for other branches and must be absent from classes

But, well, life is not perfect and the university either, I think in general not everything is so terrible

Well friends that has been everything for this post ... we read

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