lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2016

Holidays? Only in dreams

Hello little friends!! well today the topic is Holiday!! Which I find to be a very cruel subject considering that we will have classes until January :(

But if i had time to go on vacation this summer I think I would like to go on a trip somewhere outside Chile. In April of this year I had the opportunity to visit Costa Rica And since then I have had in mind to revisit some Central American country, i like that mix between rainforest and beach that occurs in those countries.

I wish I could make this trip with my friends from school I've known them since we were kids and it would be fun to have a trip with them.

It would be fun to make excursions in the jungle, go to the parties on the beach and enjoy the gastronomy of the place.

Another place i would like to travel with my friends is Torres del Paine I think Chile has many beautiful places to visit during the holidays, But sometimes the prices are not very accessible. Someday I will have money to go to that beautiful place and be able to enjoy the beautiful views it offers.

Well as this summer will be short i think i will have to settle for a rest in my home and go out with my friends to have fun there

Maybe later i can have a better vacation, for now i'm satisfied with not having more classes... YEAH! :D

So that is all for this post... bye bye!!!

4 comentarios:

  1. I think everyone in the ICEI is happy and satistied just by not having more classes haha. But those are great places to go, It's in my plan to travel to Torres del Paine too.

  2. It's so cool you went to Costa Rica! I hope you can return to Central America, I think it has such beautiful places to visit!
    For now I agree with you, I just want end the classes :( !

  3. I hate that we have class till january, it´s so sad. But how cool is that you went to Costa Rica!!!
    see you

  4. You could go to Laja, have you though that?