lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2016

Wild post

Hi everyone, today I’m talking about to a lovely theme… ANIMALS! Yes, they guessed, i love animals and consider i am a ANIMAL LOVER, beacause i like many animals, except spider, I HATE SPIDERS!! and kill them all jejeje. 

I was writing about animals  and how much I like them. In this moment of my life 
I have two dog, Melchor and Maya,  they are Dachshund “salchichas” and I consider 
them the most important in  my life. Melchor have 9 years olds and Maya have 4 years olds.
I sleep with them, talking, we walk, etc, They are part of my family
But in my life I see many animals, when I stay in Costa Rica i met the raccoons they 
are very cute, but they like to steal things they wanted to steal my phone!! But they
were still adorable
In Costa Rica does not have zoo, and I thinks this is so great because the animals 
need to live in freedom, but I don’t hate de zoo. This country have national parks
Where animals can live freely And at the same time people can interact with them.
When I visit the national park Manuel Antonio I see many animals, for example monkeys, 
raccoons, iguanas and  sloth, and I take many And take many photos Of them in freedom.
Well that is all for today, read you  later

P.D: This is my raccoon selfie!!

2 comentarios:

  1. I envy you, I would love to see all those animals in Costar Rica :( And I totally agree with you about Zoos, they are mean and unnecessary, people should go to the animals environments to see them and not the other way around like we are used to. Nice picture by the way!

  2. i didin't know that you are a animal lover, Catta! I hate the spiders too, even spiderman jajaja. Have a good week, cheers!