lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2016

After university... Multimedia!

When I finish the university I would like to do some postgraduate course In the last year I have
been very attracted to Issues related to multimedia journalism Issues related to multimedia 
journalism So I would like to do a course on that subject.

 I considerer to take a course outside of Chile I can already learn a new language or learn English
 well. If I could choose a country I think I would choose Australia or France  I feel that they are
 interesting cultures and I would very much like to spend some time there.

I think to take a multimedia journalism course Because I feel it is the journalism of the future.
Journalists today must adapt to multiple platforms And for that you need to have the right tools to
do a good job.

I would like it to be a face-to-face course since I feel that way you learn more, Also you can share
 experiences with other people.

I think that every day I become more convinced about this idea of ​​university graduate. I hope to
have the resources to be able to do one at least here in Chile.

It would be ideal to combine my studies with my future workSince this way would be making 
money and at the same time acquiring more knowledge on the journalism, I hope to fulfill my goal.

So that is all for this post!! cheers!

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  1. that is so you. I see you there working in multimedia journalism:)