lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2016

The bookworm girl

When I was a little girl I read only the books for the language class of the school, but I enjoy reads this books, I didn’t feel like a obligation. I remember the first book I read for the school it was “Ana quiere ser Famosa” this history it’s about a girl, Ana, she was to famous, but she did not know why, the people ask her “¿Famous doctor? ¿Famous singer?” and she said “no, only famous”.

So I have since read many books in my life, I don’t remember how many, but they are many. In the school I started reading at age 7, and I read one book every month in all the school (11 years!!) and in the summer I read two or three book, so I think I read many books in my life.

I do not have a favorite author, but I really like a Chilean author Camila Gutierrez, she wrote two books “Joven y alocada” and “No te ama” both book They talk about their experiences in love and their life, is a very good author and the history is perfect for the sunset of summer or read in holydays.

But when you ask who is my favorite character from literature I think in only one name… Sherlock Holmes. When I read for the first time “The Hound of the Baskervilles” I knew I had found my literary love.  I don’t have explain, but Holmes it’s brillian and I love and I love the way that solves the mysteries, and the Doctor Watson It is as bright as him.

You will note I love to read, and I read different books, so yesterday I visit the Book Fair of Santiago and I and buy the first book of the saga of Harry Potter “Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone” and I cant stop to reading!! i took 150 page of 280 hahaha! In this book Harry discovers he's a wizard and will for the first time Hogwarts. If you saw the movie I recommend you read the book You know many details about the Harry Potter worlds.

So that is all for today my friends, read you latter!

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